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damn gurl where's ur head?
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EDIT: This is the last time I will log onto this account. Guardian, you must change the password after this.
I will be hosting a from pro for my 21 day trial. After that, I will be gone. If you request commissions, just wanna talk, or whatever, come in and see if I'm online.

Hey guys, :iconquardiian: here. As you may have noticed, Gail's account has been suspended for about four weeks. It is unlocked now, and I'm here to tell you Gail has quit dA entirely, and most likely won't be coming back. I'm going to be taking care of her account from now on, sorting out the commissions she has ordered and such. I still have full contact with Gail so, if you have any questions or anything, just tell me. I won't be answering to much at all by the way, only if the question is directed toward me, anything that concerns me, or anything concerning the already-ordered commissions.
anyway.. she left me with this message to give you all:

Mmm... correction: I will never return.


"Guys... I'm so sorry. I think that even the internet itself wanted to get rid of me. I WAS allowed to come back. But I didn't I had already planned on leaving you guys. I love you guys so much, you are the most beautiful, amazing, loveable creatures I have ever met (most of you). And even the ones who ruined my life and wanted to make me kill myself, it's ok because that's. When I saw this, it was almost like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and then another was dropped back on like a rock in the water. What about my commissions? What about my friends? What about my characters? My art? I can forget it all, and it won't be easy.
Here's a message for some of you close friends:
Dear Clu,
Thanks for always being there and thanks for helping me out. Thanks for all the art from the past, I appreciate what you have given to me and what you have done for me. You have taught me to be a better person and you were there when I needed you. Thank you.

Thanks bby, you are a great friend. You were very fun and I love you with all my heart. Enjoy life<3

Dear touyab,
We haven't been talking for too long lately, but I have found a wonderful person in you. I am really sad to leave you, you are so amazing. I love you so much. Oh, and here's a bit of my booty for you to cherish~

Dear Raven Feather,
I didn't get a chance to say I'm sorry. I am seriously sorry, and thanks for being a good friend. I'll miss you.

Dear Aauyn,
Aww, that was very nice that you said you would miss me. I will miss you as well. Live long and prosper~

Dear weezdoq,
I'm partly sorry. I used to like part of you but then you turned into someone I couldn't like. Enjoy life.

Dear doomsdayCanine,
I'm so sorry Shadow. Thanks for being there for me and sticking with me and actually caring. I'm glad that you actually cared about me and my heath. You are forgiving and I love you so much. I'll miss you, bipolar buddy</3

Dear fallow-saluki,
Hey Zeph bby. I really think you were very fun and very caring. An easy going friend. I will miss you<3

Dear Jelly-Kiwi,
Oh my little grapist, I will miss you. I have wanted to be your friend from the start and I am so glad I am. You are an amazing person and an amazing friend. Take care bby<3

Dear illumineske,
Ilove you papa vador. Take care of mama vador while I'm gone. You were so much fun to just hang out with and a great person from the start. I still love Misha. Goodbye, I'll always have you in my heart<3

Thanks for letting me into your group and being a good friend.

Dear toiletpaper-pack,
Hey gurl. I know we used to be better friends and kind of stopped hanging out, but I have always loved you. I know at times I was rude, please forgive me. Thanks for accepting me again.

Dear spoonies,
I don't know if you'll read this, but thank you. Thanks, I love you so much. Goodbye bby</3

Dear Tokka-Shima,
Hey bby, I will miss you. I have always loved Merch, and I have always loved you. Thanks for the good times<3

Dear Blue-Kibby,
I love you Blue. I wasn't so sure at first, but I'm glad I took you in. You started out as a stalker and became a great friend. I hope you have fun with cheerleading and I hope you get married and have kids(?) soon. I will miss you. I will miss you so so so much.

Dear Lunar,
Oh FUCK I love you. Damn, words cannot describe my love for you! You have been there for me since I joined CS. Even though we are kind of different in ways, I have loved you. And bby don't ever let anyone put you down, your adorable. I love your laugh too. I have always appreciated how much you care about me and how amazing you are for a friend. Trolling is always funner with you. I will miss you bby</3

Dear regals,
Oh gurl. Oh my bby, my lover, MY ONE AND ONLY. You are such an amazing friend. Not once did you judge me, talk shit about me, or leave when I needed you. You have always been there and I will always appreciate what you've done. You're an amazing person and I can't wait to see what your art looks like; if I ever see it again. Thanks bby, keep in touch<3

Dear Guardian Angel,
Save the best for last, huh? You were my first friend. My best friend. To say the truth, I have always favored you over all of my other friends. You have been an amazing friend. And you ARE an amazing artist, one of my favorites. I love your art so much, I just can't stand how much I love your art. I am literally in love with it! But besides the point, you make the art all that much better. I have been a shit box too you since we were friends and you have just walked on by. You stayed, even though you should have left. I have hurt you, you have hurt me, and that's what makes our bond stronger. We are so connected in every way and I really will miss you. When I think about leaving the first thing that comes to mind is you. You are my savior, my very special Guardian. I don't know how I will last without you. I hope we can stay in touch, really. I love you so much... words cannot describe how much I love you."

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PuddingWaffles Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, I promised Gail an art trade but it seems I didn't send it fast enough ;n;
Please let her know that she can find it here if she still wants it: [link]

So sorry to hear that she quit :<
KATsArtCorner Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I am ~CaledonCat :)
I finished your point commission [link]
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